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The Louvros family started their holiday lets about 30 years ago, when we built our first villa, close to the gorgeous sandy beaches of St. George. Our business has grown slowly, always recognising the importance of maintaining a very personal and respectful relationship with our guests.
We don’t see our holidaymakers as numbers or faceless tourists, but as guests on our island who have earned a truly relaxing time away from it all. Our aim is for you to leave Corfu wanting more and feeling that time has left you alone for a while. Take off your watches and discover your favourite tavernas… Enjoy Greek coffee with the local elders, swim in crystal clean, Blue Flag winning seas, take a siesta in the garden or potter about in the olive groves. Whether you enjoy watercolour painting or photography, reading and snoozing, searching for lizards and tortoises with your children, windsurfing and jet skiing or just sampling all the local village wines and liqueurs, Corfu can oblige and we can help.
Whilst we would never presume to be interfering or pushy, it is often the case that we end up sharing long suppers with our guests or happily showing them around the charms of Corfu Town – now recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site – or accompanying them on a boat trip to the next island… We love and relish Corfu life too and the delight of good, untroubled company is quite infectious. Our two sons often end up taking our guests’ children off to their preferred beach or introducing them to their favourite Greek pastries and a great many of our guests return year after year (please see our Testimonials section).
Our philosophy is simple:
We have never aimed to offer the most exclusive or expensive villas on the island, nor do we attempt to beat the prices of the huge travel conglomerates (however, we think you’ll find that we are considerably less expensive than other villa companies)
We set out our prices, terms and conditions in a straightforward manner (with no “hidden extras”)
We describe our properties honestly
We charge fairly, according to the amenities and location of the accommodation (and that includes paying the villa owners an honourable rent)
We look after our guests, as we would wish to be looked after
We will try to resolve any housekeeping problems as soon as is practicable
We provide all guests with our local mobile number and will be happy to reasonably advise and assist them whilst on the island
We will happily provide any information we can prior to your departure and upon your return
If it’s of interest to you, here’s a little more information about our family’s ethos...
As stakeholders in Corfu (and of the Earth), we try to impose as little negative impact on the island as possible by making some simple choices.
We heat the majority of water in the villas with the use of a solar panel. If this supply isn’t wasted, we do not need to utilise the back-up electric water heater.
We manage our gardens organically, without the use of harmful phosphates, herbicides and pesticides. This encourages local wildlife into the garden including tortoises, lizards, geckos, tree frogs, birds, terrapins, hedgehogs and bats.
We purchase all our beers, soft drinks and wines in returnable bottles, not cans. We would encourage guests to do the same (there’s money deducted for returned empties too)
We refill our water bottles from the local spring. This not only reduces the amount of plastic used but also saves money We’ll tell you where the nearest spring is.
We dispose of all our refuse appropriately in the big, green municipal collection paladins. We also expect our guests not to litter or befoul the environment.
In the dry summer months, we never light a fire or carelessly discard a match or cigarette end. Please be extremely careful, especially in the countryside, where a fire can become uncontrollable in moments.
We use an environment-friendly, recycling watering system in the garden. Of course, guests are welcome to fill a paddling pool from the hose but we would ask them not to waste water unnecessarily.
Hundreds of years of tradition have taught us that the most efficient way to keep the villa cool is to keep the shutters closed during the sunny part of the day. The fans offer additional comfort when very hot but leaving them running all day/night wastes a great deal of electricity and will not, eventually, lower the temperature (the fan motors end up heating the air).
As Nikos has to fly to Corfu so frequently during the year, he makes an annual donation to the CarbonNeutral Company to even out our “carbon footprint”. For more details, go to carbonneutral.com
We use low-energy light bulbs in the villa and solar charged lights externally, wherever practicable.
An additional bonus for everyone is that, if we all use fewer resources, the more reasonably priced we can keep the villa rentals.
Don’t panic – we don’t knit our own yoghurts or whittle our own sandals (nor expect our guests to give up any of their holiday comforts) but do believe in everyone making small, responsible alternative choices and would encourage our guests to participate in our efforts to keep Corfu as green as possible. Thank you.
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