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Accredited by the National Tourist Organisation of Greece, Villas Irene & Mantis share a 1 Stremma (1000m2) garden, completely enclosed by wall and shrubbery – for those visitors with young children, this provides a totally safe environment to let them run free.

Two separate gates form the entrances, with a parking space at each. The garden is full of flowers – geraniums, agapanthus, marguantes, roses, mallow and iris. Plants include several sub-topical species such as yukka, caana lillies, oleander and cactus (where you may meet our resident, emerald green tree frogs) and four types of grape vine bearing plenty of fruit – please help yourselves, citrus and fig trees, pampas and cypress. Completed in 2009, we have created a very special facility of a private spa pool in each of the gardens of the villas. Please see Irene and Mantis pages for more details and photos.

We take care to avoid using pesticides and fungicides on our land and do our best not to waste precious water in the summer months. This may result in a bit of leaf and fruit fall, and the gardens taking on a slightly wild look from time to time, but we believe the island’s health to be of greater value than a perfectly manicured lawn! Kitsos, our gardener, keeps things from getting out of hand and the luxurious blooms of our flowers and happy wildlife are well worth the effort.
Villa Irene
St George – Corfu

Traditional country home with roof terrace,
dining veranda, 3 bedrooms.

Sleeps: 5 – 6 guests
Villa Mantis
St George – Corfu

Contemporary villa with large gardens, barbecue terrace,
3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms.

Sleeps: Up to 6 guests
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Villa Kissos
St George – Corfu

Comfortable villa set in tranquil location with lovely gardens, plunge pool and inclusive car.

Sleeps: Up to 6 guests
In any of the villas on this page, a full size cot can be provided, at no extra cost – just let us know well in advance. Likewise, we have a kiddies bag of buckets and spades etc. – just tell us you need them and we’d be delighted to loan them to you (all we ask is that should something be left on a beach or lost on a rock that you please replace it). For early/late seasonal bookings, when the evenings are a bit chilly, we have cosy duvets on the beds and the Villa Mantis has a fireplace that soon warms up the house.

In the villas, you will find some little extras which we hope will help make your holiday that little bit more comfortable: every bedroom has an anti-mosquito device (please buy your own refills) and there is a hand-held hairdryer and an iron in each house plus both gardens have outdoor showers which are brilliant for washing off the sand before going into the villas.

All bed linen is provided, as are hand and bath towels. We can set up a TV and DVD player in either villa. There is a first aid kit in each house and we can loan you a CD player and radio if you want to listen to music. The kitchens are properly equipped, as they would be at home, with sharp knives, garlic squeezers, salad bowls, spaghetti colanders and wooden spoons, a toaster, electric kettle, proper teapot and cafetiere coffee maker, plenty of drying up cloths and washing lines (with pegs!)... We mention this because villas so often provide only the barest essentials and we know from experience what people really find useful.

On your arrival, the Louvros family will have left you a “first day” hamper – some milk, mineral water, tea, coffee, perhaps a bottle of local wine or some fresh, chilled fruit. This is our way of saying Kalos Ilthate, which means Welcome.
We look forward to hearing from you.
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