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Easter is the most important date in the Greek Orthodox calendar and the celebrations in Corfu are the most spectacular in all of Greece. Greek Easter’s Holy Week runs from 28th April to 1st May (Easter Sunday) 2016 and we cannot recommend too highly the splendid and beautiful celebrations of our island. Biers made of flowers and candles from every church in Town converge on Good Friday, accompanied by a impressive procession of the live brass bands, of which the island is fiercely and justifiably proud, playing Albinoni’s Adagio... very moving and evocative...

And on Easter Sunday, families retreat to their country houses to roast whole lambs in their gardens and hold parties for their friends until dusk. An extraordinarily beautiful festival and something very special to remember.
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On Easter Saturday morning, the island’s patron saint, St Spiridon, is carried through the streets, flanked by the grandest litany of bishops, priests, choirs, bands, officials and boy scouts... and then, at 11 O’clock on the dot, the townspeople practice an Easter celebration quite unique to Corfu: From every balcony and terrace, from shop doors and restaurant stoops, earthenware pots are thrown into the streets! Literally thousands of pots rain down, tossed with vigour and laughter, to expel the Devil and cleanse the houses in preparation for the resurrection... As midnight approaches on the Saturday night, tens of thousands of people gather in Corfu’s huge and magnificent main square, holding their unlit candles. When the Bishop of Corfu announces “Christos Anesti” (Christ Has Risen), a magical wave of candlelight starts spreading out from the bandstand, where he stands, as each reveller lights their own candle from their neighbour until thousands of twinkling flames illuminate the joyous faces and the fireworks explode from the top of the Byzantine Fortress above the crowd.

For those planning ahead, Greek Easter Week 2017 runs from 10th April to
17th April
(Easter Sunday).
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