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Easyjet Flights
Easyjet are now flying from Gatwick, Manchester, Luton and Bristol airports in the UK and from Milan, Rome and Berlin – check out easyJet.com. There are really great prices on flights outside the peak period – and who wouldn’t want to walk through Corfu’s flower covered hills in the Spring or enjoy the warmest seas in September? – but there are bargains to be had in July and even August. There are flights out of Gatwick every day, offering far greater flexibility than any charter flights – so why not come and stay in Corfu Town for a long weekend or fit in a few days’ golfing, midweek?
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Cricket in Corfu
Are you a member of a cricket team? Ever thought about organising a team trip abroad?  Did you know that Corfu has a long and rich cricketing tradition with great facilities and cricket pitches? Please visit our special link for further details – CricketCorfu.com
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Corfu Town World Heritage Site
Corfu’s Old Town has recently been awarded the honour of being included in UNESCO’S World Heritage Site list. Why not take a closer look at this charming and captivating place, with its museums, fortresses, ports, grand buildings and hidden squares, cobbled streets, churches, cafes and family run tavernas? It’s less than 3 hours away.
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