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Introducing Ourselves
You will notice that we do not provide a direct booking facility through this site – this is because we believe that, in order for trust to build up between you, our guests, and us, your hosts, we should make actual contact with one another!
Tel: 0208 960 5286
Email: Booking@VillaOwnersCorfu.com
If you have found a villa that you would like to book – or even if you’d just like to ask some additional questions or get further information – please simply give us a call. It would be impossible for us to enjoy such a useful dialogue with our guests without speaking to them directly. We also know, from previous guests’ feedback, that building up a relationship with our guests before their departure gives them confidence that they’ll be well taken care of on their precious holiday.
Tel: 0208 960 5286
Email: Booking@VillaOwnersCorfu.com
We know each of our properties and their locations well and would be delighted to chat with you about your party’s particular requirements – if, for example, you need to know how close the nearest chemist is, or whether you can buy specific products locally, we will tell you immediately or find out for you. If you have a hankering for sourcing the best jewellery in Corfu or want to join a walking tour or don’t want to waste time searching through guides for the sites of cultural or archaeological interest, speak to us beforehand and we’ll do the legwork for you. We are here to help.
Tel: 0208 960 5286
Email: Booking@VillaOwnersCorfu.com
To avoid you not securing the villa of your choice, it’s also important that we talk to you when you first make your booking – that way, we can double check with our partner owners that their accommodation is still available for your dates (as all our villas are privately owned and managed, we always like to be sure that the owners themselves aren’t “booked” into their own houses for a rest!).
Tel: 0208 960 5286
Email: Booking@VillaOwnersCorfu.com
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